Furniture rental in Switzerland

Switzerland offers great opportunities for foreign workers and expats. A great quality of life, a stable economic situation, good work-life balance and stunning scenery make Switzerland a perfect land to move to for short or long term periods. The downside of moving to Switzerland is that daily life there is rather expensive. Also finding affordable rental houses or apartments might be difficult. A cost-efficient way to furnish your home in Switzerland is by renting your furniture and appliances.

At In-Lease we offer solutions in Switzerland to furnish your short and long term accommodation in a cost-efficient and sustainable way thanks to furniture and appliances rental.


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How to rent furniture in Switzerland?

Since there are many expats who live in the country temporarily and since the housing prices are rather high in Switzerland, renting furniture and appliances could be the perfect solution for making your short or longer term house in Switzerland your home away from home.

In-lease offers a great range of furniture packages and appliances for rent for both individual and professional use.

Check out our furniture shop for a personalized furniture rental solution in Switzerland and benefit from different formulas and home delivery in certain cities.

Check your visa requirements

Before moving to Switzerland, there are some things you should arrange. Citizens of Schengen countries are allowed to move to Switzerland without a visa, but a residence permit when staying over three months is essential. Residents from outside the Schengen countries will need a residence permit for working in Switzerland or for living there.


Facts & Figures

Moving to a foreign country can be challenging. It is recommended to look into some facts and figures beforehand to prepare yourself and to make your arrival in Switzerland as convenient as possible.

  • Bern is the capital of Switzerland
  • Switzerland has its own currency: The Swiss Franc
  • The national languages are German, French, Italian, and Romansh  
  • Switzerland counts almost 9 million inhabitants
  • There are almost 2 million foreign expats living in Switzerland at the moment


Main cities

The largest population in Switzerland is concentrated in Zurich, which is not the capital of the country, Bern is. Over 400.00 people live there. Zurich is followed by Genève, Basel and Lausanne. Expats are mostly centralized in the bigger cities with the larger populations, simply because those places offer the most employment opportunities.


Planning to move to Switzerland for a short or longer term? Besides housing and furniture rental there are some major things to take into account before departing. Below you can find interesting links to prepare your arrival in Switzerland beforehand.

In-Lease has several offices spread across Europe and is available in 6 European countries. In addition to Switzerland, In-Lease also provides furniture rental in Germany, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium.

As a preferred partner, we are part of the CORT Global Network that offers similar services in 80 countries worldwide.

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