Why choose In-Lease?

Spending your entire life in one place is no longer the norm. Moving house, for a shorter or longer period, is no longer a major step for many people. It is possible to create a sense of home even when you are abroad. Our mission? Transform your temporary dwelling into a true home, without the fuss and the high price tag of moving. 

In-Lease is a one-stop shop where you can find all you need to turn your temporary residence into a true home. Whether at a budget-friendly or an exclusive price. We offer not only a broad selection of furniture, but electronics, lighting, garden furniture, bed and bath linen, dishes and decoration are also among the options. We focus on the quality of the furniture, our flexible approach, quick logistics and professional support during the entire process.

In-Lease has several offices spread across Europe and is available in 6 European countries. As a preferred partner, we are part of the CORT Global Network that offers similar services in 80 countries worldwide.

Wherever you go, your furniture is waiting.

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