Furniture rental for a feel at home instantly

The road to feeling at home has to be an effortless one. With In-Lease's furniture rental solutions, you can transform your new home into a real home in no time.

Why In-Lease furniture rental?

Fully customized interior rentals? We can do that!

Would you like to put your own stamp on your temporary interior? In-Lease offers you the opportunity to personalize your home from A to Z with rental furniture. Design furnishings, customized curtains, a fitness area or the assistance of a stylist? Just say the word and we’ll arrange it for you. You will also enjoy unparalleled service and a guarantee on the furniture you rent.

“When you are moving from one continent to another with your family, there are many concerns involved in the process. And, it doesn't matter how good you are in organizing things: your furniture will never arrive when you think they should. That's why I was so happy to discover In-Lease company. They worked like a Swiss clock in terms of delivering and assembling. My family and I strongly recommend their services!”

Dr. RĂ©gis Delfini
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