1. All goods, even if sent free of charge, travel at the risk of the lessee or buyer. The goods remain the property of In-Lease nv, unless stated otherwise on the invoice. The lessee (or buyer) is responsable for all damage or theft from the moment of delivery until the collection.

2. Delivery dates are not binding and delays in delivery can never result in damage claims towards In-Lease nv. Neither can they result in the cancellation of a contract.

3. Complaints in regards to the amount or the condition of the rented or purchased goods, have to be announced in writing by the lessee or buyer to In-Lease nv within 8 working days after delivery or pickup of the goods.

4. In case of non-payment on due day of any invoice, the lessee has to return all goods still in his possession to In-Lease nv after the first sommation. In-Lease nv holds the right to cancel all existing contracts and all ongoing orders and to stop all deliveries.

5. By full or partial non-payment of a debt on due day, an intrest of 1,25% per month will be charged on the total amount. In case of unjustified non-payment In-Lease nv has the right to charge a fix lump sum of 12% on the due amount, with a minimum of 175 euro. This only applies after a registered proof of default has been sent.

6. Other payment methods then cash, wire transfer or certified bank checks are not accepted by In-Lease  nv.

7. In case of dispute only the court of Antwerp (Belgium) is authorized.

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