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Do you need a temporary furniture rental solution to tide you over until your own possessions are shipped? Would you like a customized interior for a period of three years? Or are you looking for an instant alternative to furnish a property put up for sale? At In-Lease, you will undoubtedly find something that meets your needs among our options for short term and long term rentals, but also for rent to keep furnishment with our BUY formula.

Our innovative packages and formulas can be tailored to your furnishing needs, whether you are looking to rent luxury furniture or rent to own furniture like bedroom sets, a couch, kitchenware and more for your temporary home.  

Want to know everything about the what and why of furniture rental? We tried our best to collect all the answers you need.

All-in furniture packages for a short period | Up to 12 weeks

  • Predetermined all-in furniture packages or individual items
  • Upgrade your package according to your own wishes
  • Possibility of renting electrical appliances
  • Full In-Lease guarantee included
  • The items will be delivered within 5 working days to your new address
  • Standard initial period is 4 weeks, extended on a weekly basis

More information about short term rental.

Renting furniture for a long period | From 4 to 60 months

  • An extensive offer of immediately available furniture and electrical appliances
  • Choice of different styles and types
  • Full In-Lease guarantee included
  • The items will be delivered within 5 working days to your new address
  • Extended on a monthly basis
  • Recalculation of the contract is possible if there is an unexpected extension or early termination of the contract

New furniture for a long period | From 12 to 60 months

  • New furniture and appliances that you select yourself
  • Choice of more than 50 brands, with both budget-friendly and luxury options available
  • We can provide the advice of a stylist or offer personal guidance in making your selection.
  • Full In-Lease guarantee included
  • A free, temporary package will be delivered within 5 working days, while awaiting your new interior
  • Available starting from 12 months. Extended on a monthly basis.
  • Purchase option can be included in the contract

Worry-free and efficient purchasing of furniture

  • Choice of 3 complete interior packages, with accompanying appliances and fittings
  • Full service by In-Lease included: from transport to installation
  • Extra services such as decoration, customized curtains and pick-up are possible
  • 2-year product guarantee included
  • All-in formula that helps you save time
  • A clearly presented invoice
  • Quick delivery times

Are you looking for furniture to furnish your rental properties or your holiday home? Our BUY formula allows you to choose different packages to completely furnish your interior. These packages are to be purchased carefree with full In-Lease service, from transport to installation. 

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