Rent furniture for rental or sales

When we think of renting furniture, many people first think of renting furniture for their own use. But rental furniture is much more versatile. You can also rent furniture for other uses and benefit from it yourself. For example you can rent furniture to stage a house or rent furniuture let a furnished flat. In both cases, you will sell better and faster with rented furniture.

With our TEMP formula you rent furniture from 4 to 12 weeks, which you can extend on a weekly basis. You have the choice between some all-in rental packages or individual items. 

Renting furniture to let a furnished flat

An example of a situation that can benefit you is when you rent furniture for a house or property with a view to renting it out. Rental furniture is very suitable for furnishing flats or houses and for making them fully ready for use.

Individuals and professionals who rent or temporarily relocate for work are often looking for such turnkey properties. This way, they do not then have to worry about the whole removal process and the additional costs. As a landlord, you can offer them extra added value and you will be able to rent out your house faster and at a higher price.

Rent furniture for rental or sales with In-Lease

Rental furniture for staging

Another example is to rent furniture for home staging. Home staging is often used to furnish a home to highlight its potential and possibilities to interested parties. If an interest party then decides to rent your property, you can rent the furniture or acquire it permanently and in turn make it available to your new tenants. 

Individuals and professionals that are looking to rent therefore often look for such completely furnished properties. They then do not have to worry about the moving process or any related costs. That’s why homes that are fully and well-furnished always tend to be more popular and why furnished flat rental can be very beneficial. 

Rent or sell properties better and faster

If you have a home of property that you would like to rent or sell, then you have come to the right place. We use rental furnishing to help you let your properties better and faster. Whether you’re an individual or professional, we help you turn your empty property into a tenant or buyer magnet and enable you to find and convince people more quickly. 

Rent furniture for rental or sales with In-Lease

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