Interior rentals: all you need to know

Interior rental is not yet an obvious option for everyone in their search for a temporary interior. Still it offers a good solution for many groups and situations. Moreover, with In-Lease as your partner, you will enjoy excellent service and a flexible approach tailored to your needs.

A temporary mission abroad, specific procedures for each country and obligations relating to the position: In-Lease is familiar with all these aspects.

The rental furniture from In-Lease ensures your stay abroad is comfortable for you (and your family). The sense of being at home is included!

A foreign mission can be a real challenge, and no two experiences are the same. The flexible rental formulas offered by In-Lease will at least remove that source of worry.

Collaboration with In-Lease is the easiest way to create a sense of home in the properties in your portfolio.

Rely on In-Lease’s expertise to make things as easy as possible for your clients and yourself.

In-Lease ensures that your employee will soon feel at home in his or her new house. This will eliminate one of the main sources of worry, and your employee will be ready for work that much sooner.

As a real estate investor or manager, you can count on In-Lease as a one-stop shop for furniture and appliances.

Taking your home with you: that sounds good. But rent furnishings from a partner like In-Lease is a smarter alternative. Our advisors are at your service.

  • The various formulas include both budget-friendly and luxurious options.
  • Early termination or unexpected extension of your stay? Don’t worry. In-Lease offers flexible rental contracts.
  • The sense of being at home comes as soon as possible. And we can do that! In-Lease delivers your items within 2 to 5 working days.

From a cosy living room with a long dining table, through a complete kitchen with appliances to a bedroom where you can get a perfect night’s rest: at In-Lease, we can do all that.

In-Lease’s wide product range includes chairs, tables, cupboards, sofas, dressers, beds, lighting, decoration, electrical appliances, bed and bath linens, etc. But what is the best part of working with In-Lease? Formulas and packages that are tailor-made to every budget and every style. Would you prefer something more exclusive than the standard offer? We can do that!

For whom and under what circumstances can furniture rental be the perfect solution? In what follows, you can find a few helpful examples.

‘All my possessions are packed up and will soon be shipped. However, my family and I are arriving much earlier at our destination. So we will have to stay in a hotel or other accommodation.’

In-Lease and its TEMP formula offers a temporary rental solution so that you can easily bridge the period until your own things have arrived. This way you can move into your new home immediately!

‘My partner and I have to move abroad temporarily for work. Moving our furniture would be really expensive and the items will likely be damaged in the process.’

Instead of having all your possessions travel around the world, you can very easily rent furniture and appliances via In-Lease. And tailored to your personal style and available budget.

‘From an environmental point of view, I wonder if it is sensible to move my possessions by sea or air, if I can avoid it. Why don’t I give rented furniture a second or third life?’

In-Lease is active throughout Europe and so is always nearby. Your environmental footprint thus remains limited. Moreover, In-Lease freshens up used furniture so as to be able to reuse them.

In-Lease has 6 offices in Europe and is active in 6 European countries: Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany and Switzerland.

TEMP | 1 - 12 weeks

Permanent, pre-assembled packages with furniture/appliances for a brief rental period.

This basic package (available both for singles & couples) contains everything you need to bridge a brief period. This can be supplemented - if desired - by additional packages for children, home office, garden furniture, etc.

RENT | 4 - 60 months

Flexible standard packages with furniture/appliances from our immediately available stock.

Put together your own interior with a selection from our permanent offer. Prefer a classic look or a modern touch? A spacious corner sofa unit or a loveseat? A box spring or a low bed? It’s your choice!

PLUS | 12 - 60 months

Tailor-made configurations

Design your own interior and choose new furniture, decoration and appliances from what more than 50 suppliers have to offer. From Scandinavian simplicity to a rustic look: you will doubtless find the interior that best fits your new, temporary home.


Standard packages for sale.

Would you prefer to buy furniture? That is also possible! We have carefully assembled standard packages available. You will also receive our services as well.

Why should I rent furniture?

A good question. Our solution is useful if you have a temporary need, such as when you have to move somewhere else for work or study. 

Are rented items always cleaned and tested?

Everything we rent is delivered in good condition and has been thoroughly and professionally cleaned. Duvets, pillows and linens are sent out to a professional laundry for cleaning. Our dish sets are cleaned in the professional dishwasher; furniture is checked over thoroughly, repaired where needed and cleaned; electrical appliances are tested and cleaned.

I have been given a fixed budget - can I buy an interior package?

We have a BUY program for this. We suggest three complete packages which we almost always have in stock. More information is available here.

Visit our FAQ page or our page about furniture rental for more questions and answers.

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