Rent furniture for home staging or rental properties

Did you know it is possible to rent furniture for home staging or for your rental properties? With a furnitured house or appartment, your chances of selling or renting the property will increase.

Our home staging services may be of interest to: 

  • Home stagers
  • Real estate agents
  • Private homeowners

We have some fixed interior design packages, but we also think it is important that you as a home stager have your own opinion in this matter. We will be happy to look at the possibilities together. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Furniture rental for home staging

Rental furniture for staging is used to furnish a home to highlight its potential and possibilities to interested parties. Selling or letting an empty house or flat is not easy, especially since the housing market has become a tough business to be in. Research has shown that an empty house is much less likely to be sold than a furnished one. So when it comes to making the place stand out, staging a home with high-quality furniture can make a big difference. Not to mention other advantages such as: 

  • You can be as creative as you like
  • You can keep up with furniture trends 
  • You save a lot of money

Home styling involves using rented furniture to furnish a home in order to show visitors what the result could look like. Furniture has the potential to make rooms in a house look bigger and to make the drawbacks of a flat or house less noticeable. Also, first impressions are vital and unchangeable, so why not make them good right away?

Affordable and convenient home staging solutions

Don't settle for just any home staging solution. In-Lease offers affordable and convenient solutions for home stagers, for furniture as well as accessories and decoration articles. This for every room in your home: from living room to bedroom. Moreover, at In-Lease we are very flexible when it comes to style and budget and are one of the best when it comes to logistics. 

Simply get in touch to discuss your project with one of our people. Is the sale complete? Then we will come and collect the furniture again in no time. 

Furniture for rental properties

Another example of a situation that can benefit yourself is when you rent furniture for rental properties. Rental furniture is very suitable for furnishing flats or houses and for making them ready for use.           

Individuals and professionals who rent or temporarily relocate for work are often looking for such turnkey properties. This way, they do not then have to worry about the whole moving process and the additional costs. As a landlord, you can offer them extra added value and you will be able to rent out your house faster and at a higher price.

Rent or sell properties better and faster with furniture in it

If you have a home of property that you would like to rent or sell, then you have come to the right place. In-Lease is the perfect partner for home stagers all over Europe. We use rental furniture to help you sell or rent out your properties better and faster. Whether you’re an individual or professional, we help you turn your empty property into a tenant or buyer magnet and enable you to find and convince people more quickly. Get in touch! 

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