Furniture rental in Belgium

Relocating to another country, whether on the short or the long term, asks for appropriate housing solutions. Renting your new Belgian home could be expensive on itself, but costs will be even higher if you have to furnish and fully equip your apartment or house in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent or one of the other magnificent cities in this small country.

At In-Lease we offer cost-efficient solutions to furnish your accommodation in Belgium. Our headquarters are located close to the city of Antwerp but we offer our cost-efficient and sustainable furnishing solutions across the country.


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How to rent furniture in Belgium?

A solution for furnishing your house at a cost-efficient way is renting furniture that matches your style and meets your standards. Also with a huge amount of expats living in Belgium at the moment, the demand for rental furniture is slowly expanding.

In Belgium, In-Lease offers a great range of furniture packages and appliances for rent for both individual and professional use.

Check out our furniture shop for a personalized furniture rental solution in Belgium and benefit from different formulas and home delivery in most Belgian cities in Flanders and Wallonia.

Visa requirements

Before moving to Belgium, there are a few things you should arrange. First of all, it is time to work out your visa requirements. Citizens of the EU are allowed to freely move to the different countries of the European Union. Citizens from outside EU countries might need a visa upon arrival in Belgium, regardless of the duration of stay. Make sure to check ahead of time what requirements there are for you specifically when travelling to or moving to Belgium.


Facts & figures

Moving to a foreign country can be challenging. It is recommended to look into some facts and figures about Belgium beforehand to prepare yourself and to make your arrival in this small country as convenient as possible.

  • Brussels is the capital of Belgium
  • The Euro is the official currency in Belgium
  • The national languages are Flemish, French and German
  • Belgium counts 11,5 million inhabitants
  • There are currently over 220.000 expats living in Belgium, which is enormous for a rather small country


Main cities

Belgium offers great versatility in cities. The capital city is Brussels, which has the biggest population (over 1 million residents) of all cities in Belgium. Lots of large companies are located in the area of Brussels and therefore, it is a popular location for expats and foreign workers in Belgium to accommodate.

Other popular cities for expats are Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi, Liège, Bruges, Leuven. All these cities have a population of over 90.000 people and offer great opportunities for foreign workers. 

The majority of residents live in urbanized regions of Belgium, where employment, schooling and leisure are offered to a great extent.  


In-Lease has several offices spread across Europe and is available in 6 European countries. As a preferred partner, we are part of the CORT Global Network that offers similar services in 80 countries worldwide.

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