Furniture rental in Brussels

As the capital of the European Union and the heart of numerous European institutions, Brussels is the ideal location for expats. After all, there is a lot of employment for 'internationals', which in turn creates large expat communities and numerous facilities for temporary stays in Brussels.

Convinced of Brussels as the ideal expat location? Then it is a good idea to look for a cost-efficient way to furnish your temporary home. At In-Lease, we offer numerous solutions in Brussels to furnish your temporary stay in an affordable and sustainable way, thanks to the concept of furniture rental.

How does furniture rental work in Brussels?

Because many expats work in Brussels and therefore also want to live there, finding the right temporary home can be a challenge. Renting a furnished home is useful if you are moving for a few months, but furniture rental is also a good solution to quickly furnish your temporary place into a pleasant home.

In-Lease offers a wide range of furniture packages and electrical appliances for rent in Brussels, both for private individuals and for companies.

Discover personalized solutions for furniture rental and furnishing in our rental shop. All our furniture is available in various formulas. In addition, you can count on home delivery of your package to your home in or around Brussels.

Brussels is an international multilingual city where numerous cultures come together. You can go everywhere in English, and the region itself is bilingual (French and Dutch). As an expat there are therefore plenty of ways to express yourself, both in professional life and for arranging the practicalities of your move.

Brussels; How and what?

Brussels is the capital of Belgium. The population of Brussels is the largest in Belgium, with more than 1 million inhabitants in the city and the suburbs.

There are currently about 220,000 expats living in Belgium, most of them centered around Brussels. The reason for this? Urban regions are interesting in terms of employment, but the range of schools is also greatest in larger cities. Finally, the international character of Brussels counts as well.


When you move to Brussels, you must meet the Belgian requirements for expats or temporary workers. For example, it is best to check the visa requirements for your own nationality and for the duration of your stay.

Are you a resident of the EU? Then you can move to Brussels (just like other European cities) without too many obligations. Be sure to check the requirements in advance, as the waiting time for a new passport or visa can quickly add up.

Are you planning a move to Brussels for a short or long period? In addition to housing and furnishing your home, there are many things to arrange before you leave. Below you will find some interesting links to prepare your move to Brussels as good as possible.

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