Furniture rental in Zurich

Zurich counts tons of expats and international students. As the largest cities in Switzerland, it offers numerous opportunities for expats, such as employment in international positions, good schools for families from different countries and cultures and last but not least, a great environment and beautiful landscape.

Convinced of Zurich as the ideal expat location? Then it might be a good idea to look for a cost-efficient way to furnish your temporary home.

At In-Lease, we offer numerous solutions in Zurich to furnish your temporary stay in an affordable and sustainable way, thanks to the concept of furniture rental.

How does furniture rental work in Zurich?

Since Zurich is home to numerous expats and expat families, the city is well provided for temporary accommodation. There are numerous houses and apartments for short-term rent, for example for a few weeks or months, but renting a house for a several years is also an option. Furnished houses and apartments are a good solution for expats, given the temporary nature of your stay. Another solution is to rent furniture to furnish your temporary home completely according to your own wishes and style.

In-Lease offers a wide range of furniture packages and electrical appliances for rent in Zurich, both for individuals and for companies.

Discover personalized solutions for furniture rental and furnishing in our rental shop. All our furniture is available in various formulas. In addition, you can count on home delivery of your package to your home in or around Zurich.

While Zurich caters well to expats, there are a few things you need to know to adjust faster. For example, the city, like the rest of Switzerland, is very expensive compared to other European countries. The price of housing can therefore also be an unpleasant surprise. An advantage is that wages in Switzerland are higher compared to the rest of Europe, and the standard of living as well. 
The price of rental properties is quite high, but you can terminate the rental contract per quarter if desired. That is exactly why renting furniture is a good idea; At In-Lease we offer a lot of flexibility with regard to your rented furniture; you can renew at any time and also in case you want to cancel your lease contract, you can easily do so after recalculation of the contract. 

Zurich; how and what?

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and it is the capital of the canton of Zurich. It is the financial and economic center of the country, which makes it so interesting for expats. The Swiss stock exchange is located there, which provides a lot of employment.
Zurich counts more than 440,000 inhabitants, 33% of whom are international. About 175 nationalities live in the city. German, French and Italian are spoken, but English is also available in most places.


Before you move to Zurich, make sure to check carefully what you need to apply for. In some cases you will need a visa and a residence permit, especially if you want to stay there for longer than 3 months. As a resident of the Schengen zone, you do not need a visa to work in Switzerland.


Are you planning a move to Zurich for a short or long period? In addition to housing and furnishing your home, there are many things to arrange before you leave. Below you will find some interesting links to prepare your move to Zurich as good as possible.

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