Furniture rental in Basel

Basel, the third largest city in Switzerland, attracts many expats and international students year after year. It is considered the cultural capital of Switzerland and is also referred to as the center of Swiss banking. Partly because of that, there is a lot of employment for foreign workers.

Have you found an apportunity in Switzerland for which you are temporarily moving to Basel? Then it is a good idea to look for a cost-efficient way to furnish your temporary home in this Swiss metropolis.

At In-Lease, we offer numerous solutions in Basel to furnish your temporary stay in an affordable and sustainable way, thanks to the concept of furniture rental.

How does furniture rental work in Basel?

When you live in Basel temporarily, finding good accommodation is an important step. Given the international character, there are numerous houses and apartments available, furnished or not, to rent as an expat for a short or long period. Are you looking for a home to furnish yourself? Then renting furniture is the ideal affordable solution.

In-Lease offers a wide range of furniture packages and electrical appliances for rent in Basel, both for private individuals and for companies.

Discover personalized solutions for furniture rental and furnishing in our rental shop. All our furniture is available in various formulas. In addition, you can count on home delivery of your package to your home in or around Basel.

As in other Swiss cities, residents of Basel enjoy a high standard of living. On the other hand, there is a high cost for things such as public transport, healthcare, education, food… of everything in daily life. Fortunately, wages in Switzerland are proportional.

You can also be shocked by housing prices when you go to live in Basel. The rental prices depend strongly on the size of the apartment or house you have in mind and on its location. Again, the salary of your new challenge in Basel can cope with this, luckily.

Basel; how and what?

Basel counts over 200,000 inhabitants, making it the third largest city in Switzerland, located in the northwest of the country. English, French, German and Italian are very common, both in professional and private life. In Basel, payment is made with Swiss francs, but creditcards are accepted almost everywhere.


Before you move to Basel, there are a number of things to arrange. Residents of the Schengen zone can move to this city without a visa, but they do need a residence permit if they are planning on staying longer than 3 months.

Expats from outside the Schengen zone always need a residence permit to work and live in Basel.

Are you planning a move to Basel for a short or long period? In addition to housing and furnishing your home, there are many things to arrange before you leave. Below you will find some interesting links to prepare your move to Basel as good as possible.

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