Furniture rental in Geneva

Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland (after Zurich). Nearly half of Geneva's residents come from a country other than Switzerland. So we don't need to emphasize to what extent the city is important for expats, given its international character.

Do you also see the ideal expat location in Geneva and would you like to accept the challenge? Then it is a good idea to look for a cost-efficient way to furnish your temporary home in this Swiss metropolis.

At In-Lease, we offer numerous solutions in Geneva to furnish your temporary stay in an affordable and sustainable way, thanks to the furniture rental concept.

How does furniture rental work in Geneva?

Geneva has a lot to offer to expats. To fully enjoy your expat adventure, creating a pleasant home is an important first step. Since so many foreigners come to work in Geneva temporarily, the city is provided with temporary housing. In addition, there are also many ways to furnish your temporary home; just think of renting a furnished apartment or renting a complete furniture and appliances package.

In-Lease offers a wide range of furniture packages and electrical appliances for rent in Geneva, both for individuals and for companies.

Discover personalized solutions for furniture rental and furnishing in our rental shop. All our furniture is available in various formulas. In addition, you can count on home delivery of your package to your home in or around Geneva.

As in the rest of Switzerland, the living standard in Geneva is higher than in other European countries. For example, public transport works properly (in the city, a single tariff applies to the whole city area) you can import your car tax-free for a period of two years and a lot of attention is paid to ecology.
Together with this high standard of living, prices are higher than average in European countries. The cost of housing is also somewhat higher, whether you choose to rent or buy a home in Geneva. To make all these things affordable, wages in Switzerland and therefore also in Geneva are higher compared to the rest of Europe. 

Geneva; How and what?

Before moving to Geneva for a short or long period of time, it is a good idea to get to know some of the city's custom and habits. Geneva has an international character where you can get a long way by speaking English. Do you speak German, French or Italian? Then you will certainly experience the benefits of it.

Furthermore, many large institutions and organizations are housed in Geneva, which gives a boost to (international) employment. You will find the WTO, WHO, the UN office, the ISO and so on.


Before you move to Geneva, there are a number of things to arrange. Residents of the Schengen zone can move to this city without a visa, but they do need a residence permit if they are planning on staying longer than 3 months.

Expats from outside the Schengen zone always need a residence permit to work and live in Geneva.

Are you planning a move to Geneva for a short or long period? In addition to housing and furnishing your home, there are many things to arrange before you leave. Below you will find some interesting links to prepare your move to Geneva as good as possible.

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