Furniture rental in Paris

Paris the city of love? The French capital has even more to offer than that. The international character makes it the ideal city to work and live (temporarily). There are employment opportunities for foreigners in many sectors, and especially if you speak some French that’s a plus!

Do you dream of an expat experience in Paris and are you up for the challenge already? Then it is a good idea to look for a cost-efficient way to furnish your temporary home in this French capital.

At In-Lease, we offer numerous solutions in Paris to furnish your temporary stay in an affordable and sustainable way, thanks to the furniture rental concept. And that in both the short and long term.

How does furniture rental work in Paris?

Given the international character, many expats are looking for a job in Paris. The supply of temporary homes, whether furnished or not, is therefore large. Do you find an unfurnished apartment that meets your needs? Then you can choose to furnish it yourself with rental furniture. The advantage? You are free to choose the style of furniture.

In-Lease offers a wide range of furniture packages and electrical appliances for rent in Paris, both for individuals and companies.

Discover personalized solutions for furniture rental and furnishing in our rental shop. All our furniture is available in various formulas. In addition, you can count on home delivery of your package to your home in or around the French capital.

Living in Paris is a unique experience, completely different from visiting the city as a tourist. By living in this metropolis you can fully immerse yourself in the culture and rich history.

However, housing in Paris is expensive and not easy to find, especially when you realize how small some apartments are. In addition, you can expect a kind of 'interview' from the landlord when you apply for a rental house or apartment.

Paris; how and what?

Paris is the capital of France and counts over 2 million inhabitants. If you also include the suburbs, the city counts over 10 million people. It is located at the river Seine and is situated in the north of France. In Paris you pay with the Euro. If you speak French, you will be able to make things work, but also English is accepted in most places.


Are you moving to Paris soon? Be prepared for the amount of paperwork that comes with it. You can apply for a visa in the department where you are going to live, the Paris department in this case

Be sure to check the latest regulations before your move is planned. The French embassy always knows what to do. For example, if you will be staying in Paris for more than 90 days, you will need a long-term visa.

Are you planning a move to Paris for a short or long period? In addition to housing and furnishing your home, there are many things to arrange before you leave. Below you will find some interesting links to prepare your move to Paris as good as possible.

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