How does it work

Contact us

Contact us per phone or email.
We'll guide you through the process.
Or maybe you prefer to make a quote request online?
Be sure you know where you're heading to and
for how long you will need the furniture.

Create your new home

Go to our online quote request.
Use our “FAST LANE” for a quick selection of furniture and
appliances or handpick your furniture according to your style.
Want assistance?
Don’t hesitate to contact us.

The paperwork


Once your interior selection is final,
we’ll need some information like exact delivery address,
who will be handling the payment, etc….
The rental contract will be sent to you to be signed.

Delivery & 

A time and date are set for the installation.
Our experienced delivery team will deliver
and install your furniture and appliances
according to your needs.


At the end of your rental period, you can contact us to schedule your collection. Please alert us at least five days up front. Want to extend your lease? No worries, the leases are automatically extended. For longer extentions, contact us so we can recalculate your monthly rental fee.

Get comfortable – rent furniture and appliances

Getting settled into a new home can be a stressful experience. Whether you have a short or long term need for furniture and appliances, In-Lease rental furniture assures you a smooth and quick installation of all the interior items you need. You don’t need to visit several shops and have contact with multiple suppliers. In-Lease is your single point of contact to rent furniture online.

How does renting furniture work?

You can contact us via phone or email and we’ll guide you through the process. You can make a quote request online or let us assist you. If needed we can also come to your new home to assist you with the selection of your furniture. In Belgium we have a furniture rental store which allows you to come and see the furniture yourself.
Once you have selected your rental furniture and appliances, we’ll need some details for our agreement like delivery address, monthly billing information, rental term, delivery date, payments, etc … A contract will be sent to you for signature. Once a time and date are set for the installation, our delivery team will deliver and install your furniture and appliances in the most professional way.
At the end of your stay, you can contact our office to schedule the collection of your furniture. Want to extend your lease or maybe want to add or remove a few items? Just let us know. For longer extentions your monthly rent can be adjusted.

Renting appliances for short or long term periods

When coming from overseas, often your own appliances are working on different voltages or frequencies. Renting appliances can be a solution when moving to Europe. In-Lease has a large selection of standard appliances for rent like fridges, ovens, washing machine, television sets, … Want something exclusive? You can rent any appliance from any brand you like for long term periods.
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