Renting furniture in Belgium: the story of Stefan and Alex Ulmer

Interested by the concept of renting furniture but not convinced yet? Discover what furniture rental really is like by reading all about our clients' rental journey. We asked Stefan and Alex, an expat couple in Belgium, what they tink of In-Lease as their furniture rental partner.

Meet Stefan and Alex

Stefan Ulmer is a military counselor to NATO for the Austrian permanent representation. He has been working in Belgium for a few years now. His wife Alex decided to join Stefan and moved to Belgium with their four dogs (Elton, Pauly, Liza, Ruby) two years after Stefan’s arrival.

Because their older daughter stayed in the house at Austria, they didn't want to bring their furniture. So they searched a solution and found one: furniture rental from In-Lease.

Why choose for furniture rental?

Since their eldest daughter stayed at home in Austria, they decided to leave their furniture there. Moreover, shipping all of their belongings for a temporary stay in Belgium would be a real hassle. Stefan and Alex have chosen In-Lease as a furniture rental partner to make their home away from home as enjoyable as possible.

Commercial support and friendly team

We asked Stefan and Alex what they liked the most about our furniture rental services and were happy to hear that they appreciated the positive and very supportive commercial team. They also liked the in-time delivery thanks to our friendly installation team that tried to accommodate as good as possible.

Stefan and Alex mentioned the fact that In-Lease offers besides furniture also dining sets and cookware as a great help when moving temporary to a foreign country. It allowed them to minimalize moving hassle and costs.

“We like the fact that we do not have to worry at all about the installation and the collection of the furniture. We just shipped a small part of our personal belongings but where still able to feel at home in Belgium."

Stefan & Alex Ulmer

At In-Lease we are very happy to hear these clients have recommended our service to 3 colleagues already. Do we even need to ask if they would appeal to In-Lease again in the future?

Thank you, Stefan and Alex for this great review!


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