Rent bedroom furniture

Why use rental sets of bedroom furniture? Because your bedroom is the most important and most frequently used room in our homes! Our rental furniture service service offers you everything to completely rent your bedroom and furnish it according to your own sleep preferences.

Some items from our bedroom selection are bed frames, mattresses, bedroom cupboards, bedside tables, curtains, etc..

Rent a bedroom furniture set

Do you need temporary bedroom furniture and are you looking to complete furniture sets? For example, while you wait for your own furniture to be moved? Then you can always take a look at our TEMP packages for baby bedrooms, children's bedrooms or adult bedrooms. Our bedroom furniture sets are all capable of creating a calming sleeping area for a great night's sleep. 

Rent to own bedroom furniture

Would you like to buy your bedroom furniture or a whole bedroom set after your rental period? With our PLUS formula, you simply include a purchase option in your contract so that the furniture is yours after the rental period.

TEMP guest room
Full guest room package
TEMP baby room
Additional furniture Baby(s) package
PROMO Natura 160
Complete bedroom with sliding door wardrobe

Rent a bed

Obviously, the most important piece of furniture in any bedroom is the bed itself. At in-Lease, we have a great offering of rental beds, matrasses, bed sheets and linen. Whether you sleep like a baby or tend to wake up in the most unnatural positions, we have everything to satisfy all of your sleeping needs and desires.

Rent a desk

A good night’s sleep is essential to our everyday routine and our ability to perform at work. Yet sleep alone doesn’t always do the trick. We also need a good working space to perform as best as we can. An important part of every good working space, is a good desk. That is why we also rent a variety of desks in different materials and styles. If you choose to work from home, whether it be in the bedroom or in a home office, we’ve got the desk to make your telework better. 

Download our prices

Interested in renting bedroom furniture for a short or long period of time? Download our price lists per rental formula below.

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