Check out our brand new furniture rental videos

What better way to celebrate our new website than with some brand new videos? In order to explain the services of In-Lease in a fun and easy way, we’ve had various informative videos made. The most important goal of these videos is to give a clear idea about the services and advantages of In-Lease to the target audience. The videos are translated to four different languages (Dutch, French, German and English), which means we are able to reach every single person in our target group.

Welcome video

To give a warm welcome to our website visitors and clients, we developed a welcome video. This video answers the most important questions about the furniture rental services of In-Lease. 

The 4 In-Lease formulas

To offer the best service for our clients, we offer different packages. From short periods (TEMP) to longer periods (PLUS) rentals - for everyone we offer an adjusted package that fits their needs. In four different videos, we explain more about these specific packages, so that we can inform our target group as well as possible. With a little help from these videos you will always make the right choice of package for your situation.

Behind the scenes 

And what is it actually like behind the scenes at In-Lease? We are more than happy to explain that in the Behind The Scenes video. How does In-Lease work? What will happen to the furniture? All these questions are answered in this video. This way you not only see what is happening in our front office, but you also get a sneak peek of what is happening behind the scenes.

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