Life as an expat in the Netherlands

When you think of the working and living in the Netherlands as an expat, you probably think of tulips, canal, bikes and croquette out of the wall? Although all these things are typically Dutch, the Netherlands have much more to offer than that. And especially for expats. The Netherlands is where lots of multinationals are located, often even their headquarters. Next to that, many diplomats find a (temporary) job and home in the Netherlands, think of the embassies in The Hague for example.

But how does this work? (Temporarily) living as an expat in the Netherlands?

Every country comes with a few challenges for expats. For instance the obligatory admin, paperwork, regulations and of course finding a suitable place to stay, whether or not furnished.

Read all about working and living in the Netherlands below!


Working in the Netherlands

Both professionally and privately there are tons of opportunities for expats in the Netherlands. Of course it could be good to know in advance what to expect concerning work life and work culture. For instance the Dutch being hardworking people who are very direct, also when it comes to communication. As a foreign worker, you will notice the ‘down-to-earth’ atmosphere in the workplace. And last but not least you will perceive that there is no fixed hierarchy in most companies, which could be very strange compared to some cultures.

All those things mentioned above could be useful to know if you are planning your expat adventure to the Netherlands. If you like to work hard and tend to appreciate a good work-life balance, you will feel at home very soon.


Housing solutions in the Netherlands

There you go! Your move to the Netherlands is coming closer. Now is the time to take care of the practical arrangements. One of the most important things to take up as an expat is finding a suitable place to stay. This will allow you to ‘build a home’ away from home.

Renting a place in the Netherlands

Are you planning to move to the Netherlands for a limited time? Then renting a house or an apartment is the best idea. You can arrange this yourself, but as an expat it’s possible that your employer will assist you in finding a place.

Do not freak out when looking at housing prices; in the Netherlands those prices are rather high compared to the amount of space you will get. Dutch houses are pretty small. In the bigger cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam, bigger rental places are hard to find because of the high demand (of temporary houses).


Buying a place in the Netherlands

Even if you are planning to stay a bit longer in the Netherlands, buying a property would still not be worth the money. Especially in the capital city buying a place is a real challenge, especially as a foreign worker. There are conditions to fulfil and applying for a loan is something else.

Furnishing your place

For expats, furnishing a complete house or apartment means high costs, so renting furniture or a furnished place could be a good solution. 

Luckily for you, the Netherlands are familiar with the concept of furnished accommodation. Another interesting solution for furnishing your temporary home is renting furnishment and appliances. Thanks to the international character of the country, this concept is well-known as well. It allows you to choose your own furnishment style and keep everything as long as needed. See? Furnishing your home with rentals is an interesting and cost-efficient way to make your temporary house a real home!

Renting furniture as an expat in the Netherlands

For all reasons mentioned above, renting furniture as an expat is the perfect solution. It allows you to choose housing  that fits inside the budget and requirements, without having to worry about furnishment.

In short, furniture renting has tons of advantages for fulfilling a temporary need.

  • It offers flexibility for both short and long term
  • Furniture packages are available in different styles. Also electrical devices are rentable. This way, you will not have to buy any of these essentials.
  • Thanks to furniture rental you can enjoy high-quality products in a sustainable way.
  • It allows you to focus on your new challenge in the Netherlands, without losing time and money on furniture, decoration and electrical devices.

At In-Lease, we help expats in the Netherlands feel at home with furniture packages and appliances for rent on the short and the long term. Our furniture is available in different styles and will be delivered in your new Dutch place at the agreed date and time

Useful things to know

Is your move to the Netherlands getting closer? Let’s count down! But besides that; do not forget that there are still things to take into account before leaving.


As soon as you arrive in the Netherlands, it is key to register at a Dutch health insurance. Especially when you are planning to stay longer than 4 months it is obligatory. It prevents you from high unexpected costs in the event of needing medical assistance. Even though your health insurance in your home country is still valid, you are obliged to have a Dutch one as well.
Opening a bank account
Before your arrival in the Netherlands you can already open a bank account. But things are certainly easier if you are already a client at a bank that is also available in the Netherlands. That’s one thing to keep things easier! Think of SNS, ING, ABN Amro and Rabobank, these are all banks where you can register as a foreign client before arriving. Anyway, when opening a bank account, it is necessary to have a residence in the Netherlands and a residence permit to show.
Daily life
Daily life in the Netherlands has so much to offer for expats. The Dutch are very sociable, open and as soon as the weather is nice you can find them together on squares or nice terraces. Going out for drinks or dinner is not too cheap in the Netherlands, but not at all as expensive as Switzerland or Sweden for instance. When it comes to making your way into town: Choose a bike!
Traveling with children
Are you planning to move abroad for work? Chances are that your family will be moving with you. Therefore it is very important to prepare your partner and children for the big move. You will have to find the right schooling solution, whether you go for regular schooling, home schooling or international schooling.

Hello to the Netherlands!

You hear it; living as an expat in the Netherlands is a great experience and is definitely worth the effort and the challenges that come with it. Tend to make your stay as comfortable as possible by finding a place where you and your family can feel at home.

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