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We offer the solution for your employees. Buy furniture and have items delivered and installed for your employees can be very time consuming, both for you as for your employee. What to do with the furniture after the assignment? What if an appliance breaks down? In-Lease has predefined Furniture rental packages in place or your employee can hand pick his preferred furniture. Always respecting the budget you approve. We take care of delivery, installation, pickup and service break-downs.

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Three good reasons to work with In-Lease.


It’s cheaper then moving your furniture around the world. 

If you compare renting furniture to shipping furniture your household goods around the world, rental furniture will be the cheaper and smarter alternative. At In-Lease we offer furniture rental program that are budget friendly, but also exclusive setups with assistance of interior designers.


Furniture rental contract are flexible: they can be extended or early terminated.


Our standard RENT program gives you all the flexibility in extending or terminating your rental furniture. 


We deliver your rental furniture within 2 to 5 working days.

Request your furniture rental quote online. Once you’ve signed your contract with In-Lease, we can deliver and install your new home within 5 working days!

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