Why rent furniture?

Be smart … rent furniture is not just a fancy baseline … 
in many occasions it just makes sense to rent your furniture and appliances!

You choose


Find a house or apartment close to work
or the school your children go to and furnish it your style!
Budget friendly or exclusive setups,
used or new furniture, you can rent it all.




After you’ve selected your interior, 
In-Lease can deliver your interior 
within 2 working days.



Not sure how long you’ll need the furniture?
No worries, our rental program
can be extended or early terminated


Why buy knock-down furniture and
spend hours to try to assemble it?
Why ship your furniture around the globe?
Be smart … rent furniture!



Take your time and use our online quote tools
to create your new interior.
Want assistance? Get in contact with our
interior advisors, they will create your new home for you.

Furniture rental – a good alternative

Furniture rental can be a good alternative in many cases : looking for a temporary furnished apartment or home but not finding what you’re looking for? Shipping your household goods to another country? Need temporary furniture? Need furniture to stage your home? Furniture rental is a great and smart decision when you need furniture for a limited period of time.

Why rent furniture?

How much is it to rent furniture? Is it expensive? Not at all, especially considering all the services that go with renting furniture and appliances : delivery and installation, full guarantee during the whole rental period, free exchange of broken items, damage waiver, etc …

There are many reasons why hiring furniture is a smart solution.

There are far more unfurnished then furnished houses or apartments available in the market – renting an unfurnished one and adding rental furniture gives you a lot more alternatives and with the furniture style you choose.
Maybe you want to do home staging? Renting furniture is then a very smart alternative.
You don’t have to spend days visiting shops, building up knock-down furniture, looking for electrical appliances and housewares, getting them installed … In-Lease is your one-stop-shop for all your interior needs.
Need to go on another assignment? Our flexible furniture rental programs allows you to early terminate, extend or add to your contract at any time. In-lease guarantee always included!

Our different rental programs

In-Lease has many different furniture rental formulas available to suit any need. Our TEMP program is made for short term furniture rentals up to 12 weeks. You can choose any items you need or use one of our budget friendly all in packages per room. With our RENT program, you have a large selection of contemporary furniture at your choice, which can be rented by the piece or by the room for a minimal term of 4 months. This program is very adaptable and the rental furniture is available immediately from our different warehouses. If you don’t find what you need in our standard program, our PLUS program allows you to select your brand new rental furniture and appliances from over 40 different suppliers! 
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