Furniture rental: what you need to know

Everyone needs a home. But not everyone buys or owns a home. These days, more and more people tend to move around from one place to another. They take on a nomad-like lifestyle where they are constantly on the move for both personal and professional reasons. That is why a lot of people choose to rent a home for a given time, instead of buying one and settling down for years to come.  

If we think about this, it makes sense to actually take this “rent trend” one step further. If you’re a tenant and you decide to rent a home, it would be very convenient if you could also rent your furniture. Well, In-Lease thinks exactly the same. Therefore, we offer a wide range of rental furniture, appliances, and other furniture for both individual and professional use. 

You can rent furniture as a private person or as a company. Temporary furniture hire is an especially interesting option for:

  • Many professionals who regularly relocate, such as expats, diplomats or military personnel. 
  • As a landlord of real estate, you want your tenants to be comfortable. You can fully furnish an empty property in an appropriate style and hereby increase your rental price. A fully furnished property always has an added value and will also attract tenants faster.
  • As a landlord, you can also rent furniture for e.g.  sales or rental styling; this allows you to show the potential and possibilities of a property by decorating it for viewings or permanently restyling the property for sale or rental.
  • As a company you make sure that your (foreign) employees are well and comfortable. In this way, you can easily furnish a business flat or several units on a large scale and ensure that your employees for foreign projects are always comfortable during foreign projects.

Looking for a furniture rental store near you? At in-Lease, we currently offer an international service only within Europe. We have 6 international offices  located in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Germany and Switzerland. Because we operate in several countries, clients can count on a fast and reliable service in all European countries.

Rental furniture offers many advantages:

  • With a flexible all-in furniture renting service, you can rent furniture and furniture packages for up to 60 months for all types of homes.
  • With our packages, you are guaranteed to find a style of living and furnishing that suits you. Moreover, we also offer electrical appliances and decorations so that you can rent the whole house/apartment package.
  • We take care of the entire removal process. The costs for delivery and collection of your furniture are included in the rental price.
  • With our high-end furniture rental packages you create a sense of home wherever you go. If you want to furnish your home in the short or medium term but do not want to make any major purchases, rental furniture is the ideal solution.
  • Renting furniture is environmentally friendly. Since you reuse quality products, you reduce your ecological footprint considerably compared to an international move or the purchase of cheap furniture. 

At In-Lease we have a wide range of furniture for rent. With our fixed and flexible packages you can create that instant at home feeling, wherever you are. We offer furniture rental packages for all budgets and in different living styles. Our rental furniture has everything for every space in your home. Our 'rent a room furniture' covers for example:

But of course, an interior consists of more than just furniture. That's why we also rent out other home furnishings such as lighting, kitchen utensils, fabrics/linen, etc... Moreover, you can also come to us to rent appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and more. 

We have a large selection of items and a vast network of brands and suppliers to choose from. This way, we guarantee that we can satisfy all furnishing needs, including yours. 

You can also upgrade at will. Would you like a larger television, for example? Or a more luxurious and comfortable mattress? If you are renting furniture with In-Lease, you can always upgrade furniture or add extra items. Handy, right?

For whom and under what circumstances can interior rental be the perfect solution? In what follows, you can find a few helpful examples.

‘All my possessions are packed up and will soon be shipped. However, my family and I are arriving much earlier at our destination. So we will have to stay in a hotel or other accommodation.’

In-Lease and its TEMP formula offers a temporary rental solution so that you can easily bridge the period until your own things have arrived. This way you can move into your new home immediately!

‘My partner and I have to move abroad temporarily for work. Moving our furniture would be really expensive and the items will likely be damaged in the process.’

Instead of having all your possessions travel around the world, you can very easily rent furniture and appliances via In-Lease. And tailored to your personal style and available budget.

‘From an environmental point of view, I wonder if it is sensible to move my possessions by sea or air, if I can avoid it. Why don’t I give rented furniture a second or third life?’

In-Lease is active throughout Europe and so is always nearby. Your environmental footprint thus remains limited. Moreover, In-Lease freshens up used furniture so as to be able to reuse them.

Renting furniture is like renting any other item. It follows the standard rental principle where you pay a fee for a specific period during which the items concerned are made available to you. You can rent furniture for an apartment, flat or house. 

We offer fixed, flexible, and custom interior packages which include furniture, appliances, and other home accessories. You select your items online, and before you know it, we deliver your package right at your doorstep at the start of your contract. Of course, we come back to collect it when the contract expires so you do not have to deal with a large move or any related costs before and after.

Now, whereas renting furniture is like renting any other items, our furniture rental service is unlike any other renting experience at all. That is because all of our rental formulas are based on the principle of flexibility.

Contract extension

If you sign a rental contract for a given period and afterwards need or want an extension for a relatively short period, your contract will be automatically extended on a weekly or monthly basis. If you want your contract extended for a considerably longer period, we will revise your contract entirely and (re)calculate a reduced monthly rental fee based on the length of the extension. The specific terms for a short and long contract extension differ based on the initial length of the contract.

Contract shortening

At in-Lease, we also like to be flexible in our approach because we do not want to chain our clients to fixed contracts. That is why as a client you can also shorten or completely terminate your contract prematurely. If you want to shorten the rental period, we calculate a new fee on a weekly or monthly basis, based on your formula and the period shortened.

At In-Lease, we have solutions for both short as long term furniture rental. For example, you can rent furniture for just a few weeks awaiting your final furniture to arrive. If you want to rent furniture for a longer period of time, In-Lease has different lines of furniture to suit your style. You simply choose the furniture via our rental shop, put together your own interior. We will guide you through the entire process.

Of course, as a private person you also want to know what the renting furniture costs are and whether it really is better than buying new furniture. The price that you pay In-Lease for your furniture depends on several factors. For example, you will pay a lower price for a standard all-in furniture package from our TEMP formula than for the furniture from our RENT or PLUS formula. With these last two packages you have the advantage that you can select your furniture yourself from more than 50 brands. Moreover, the interior that you rent in the PLUS formula consists exclusively of new furniture and appliances. If you have decided to rent furniture temporary, we always make a transparent price offer, so that you know what costs are involved in renting furniture. You can also easily download our price list.

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