Short term
rental solution

Rental period up to 12 weeks
The perfect rental formula when you are shipping your household goods, and moving into a property for a short period of time. Comfortable and efficient.

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Predefined all-in furniture rental packages or single items

Electrical appliances also available

Includes full In-Lease guarantee

Delivered to your new home within 5 working days

Extension on a week to week basis

Need short term furniture rental?

When moving to a new destination and you’re shipping your household goods, the transit of your furniture may take up to several weeks, sometimes months. Often you have already rented your new home, just where you wanted it, close to work or school for the children. Our TEMP furniture rental packages can be installed in your new property while you’re travelling, so everything is installed upon your arrival in your new home. When your household goods arrive, we collect the rented furniture in the morning, just before the moving company comes to deliver your household goods. This is often a much more convenient solution compared to a temporary furnished housing or other corporate short stay solutions.

All-in Rental furniture packages

To make life easier In-Lease has created TEMP furniture rental packages. Our base TEMP single or couple package has everything you need to get started : rental furniture for your dining room, living room and bedroom, television set, cooking and dining set, bed linen, towels … Per type of extra room you can add a child room package, guest bedroom package, office room package, garden package, all for a very competitive package price.


Want a bigger TV? Need a soft comfort spring mattress? Want big wardrobes, leather sofas, bigger table? You can upgrade packages to suit your needs.

Rent electrical appliances

In-Lease has for the TEMP program a large selection of electrical appliances for rent : washing machine, dryer condenser, combi fridge/freezer, dishwasher, combi oven, oven-stove and even a clock-radio or hifi set.

Flexible furniture rental

You can use the rental furniture from 1 day up to 3 months or more, but In-Lease always charges a minimum of 4 weeks. After the initial rental period of 4 weeks, your TEMP contract is extended on a week to week basis. 
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