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rental furniture

Rental period 4 to 60 months
When moving abroad for a longer period of time, we become more demanding regarding our interior. Our RENT formula offers a wide variety of furniture and appliances with a lot of flexibility.

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A wide variety of quality rental furniture and electrical appliances

Includes full In-Lease guarantee

Delivered to your new home within 5 working days

Extention on a month to month basis

Flexible long term furniture for rent

In our RENT formula, we offer standard available rent furniture online. All the offered furniture is available in our different In-Lease warehouses, allowing us to deliver your new home within just a few days. We have modern and classic furniture, crockery, lighting, garden furniture and much more. You can even rent electrical appliances, like washing machines, dryer condensers, dishwashers, LED TV’s, ovens, in short anything you need in your new home. Rent furniture is a good alternative to furnished apartments or corporate apartments.

A large selection of standard rental furniture

In-Lease has several different furniture lines available in our warehouses in large quantities. This means that you can select your rental furniture online and you’ll get the exact item you’ve seen online delivered to your new home. We have contemporary lines available, but also modern and classic, basic sofa sets and high end leather versions. By mixing and matching our RENT furniture, you can create your own style in order to make you feel right at home. We have different styles of bedroom solutions available.

Rent electrical appliances

In-Lease has for his RENT program a large selection of electrical appliances for rent : washing machine, dryer condenser, combi fridge/freezer, dishwasher, combi oven, oven-stove and even a clock-radio or hifi set.

Flexible furniture rental

You can use RENT rental furniture from 4 months up to 60 months. If you have signed a 12 month contract and you need the furniture just a little bit longer, no worries, RENT contracts are automatically extended on a month to month basis. Need your rental furniture for a longer period of time? Just contact us and we will recalculate the new lowered monthly rental fee for you. In case of an early termination of your contract, you do not need to fulfil the full length of the contract. We will recalculate your monthly contract to your actual length of stay. This is what we call flexible housing.
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