Your choice of furniture

Individual choice of new furniture

Rental period 12 to 60 months
The perfect solution for anybody who’s moving abroad for a longer period of time. With our PLUS program you get a tailor-made solution that fits to your needs, style and budget. And you’ll be assisted by our professional team all the way through.


Brand new furniture and appliances, selected by you

Over 50 different brands to choose from

Includes full In-Lease guarantee

A TEMP furniture package delivered to your new home free of charge within 5 working days (while waiting for your special ordered furniture) 


PLUS, furniture rental de luxe

If you want a more wide variety of furniture for rent, you can choose our long term PLUS formula rentals. This allows you to have a very personal selection of rental furniture, which will always be ordered especially for you. During the ordering period, we will deliver short term furniture rental. Once your special ordered furniture rental arrives in our warehouse, we will contact you to exchange your temporary furniture rental and deliver your special ordered quality furniture rental in your new home. A very smooth way to have a tailor made setup. Our PLUS program is typically for rents from 12 to 60 months.

High end furniture rental or budget friendly

The PLUS program is both for luxurious or budget friendly installations. The different suppliers In-Lease works with allow us to offer you setups in any price range. Want a personal visit to your home to assist you in your selection? Need an interior designer to get the perfect match? Need tailor-made curtains of installed kitchens? Want fitness equipment? With In-Lease you can rent (almost) anything you need in your new home.

Furniture leasing de luxe

The In-Lease PLUS furniture rental program can include a buying option, a choice which is made during the offering stage. You also have the possibility to buy only a few pieces after the rental period, or all or nothing.

All inclusive

In-Lease really takes care of everything. Your furniture rental contract includes a damage waiver and full In-Lease guarantee. We take care of the whole process of delivery, installation, after sales service (when an items breaks down, we’ll exchange it at no extra charge) and collection.
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